About Pavonis

Goal of Pavonis project is to create IDE that can be used to create NSIS installers of any complexity. Tree view of project content makes navigation very easy. Advanced text editor and visual designer, decreases time that is needed for creating event most complex installers.

It is compatible with latest version of NSIS and support most popular plug-ins for NSIS - nsDialogs and MUI2.

Download Pavonis

Main features
  • visual designer for custom pages
  • code editor with intelisense and syntax highlighting
  • advanced search functionality
  • easy way to compile and test NSIS scripts
  • support for nsDialogs
  • support for MUI2
  • option to compile Pavonis project from command line - you can use it in scripts and automated processes
  • option to convert Pavonis project to nsi file

Future development

Next version will focus on UI improvements

Any feedback is much appreciated!